Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vintage Video: New Look 1954

The Spring 1954 Collection of designer Jacques Fath.

Also check out Jacques Fath 1956 in French.

More on Jacques Fath from The Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource:
(1912-1954) Jacques Fath opened his couture design house in Paris in 1937. At first, his business was very small, his first collection has only 20 designs, but his soon became one of the most popular houses in Paris. He managed to stay open throughout most of WWII, and after the war his business continued to grow.

In 1949, Fath signed a agreement with American manufacturer Joseph Halpert, to produce two ready-to-wear collections a year. This was one of the first such agreements between a couturier and a ready-to-wear firm.

Fath was fond of the hourglass look, and his designs often hugged the body in a flattering way. He loved pleats and low necklines,

Fath died in 1954, and his wife kept the house going until 1957. It was reopened in 1996, and was at first designed by Tom van Lingen, and in 1997, by Elena Nazaroff. Today the line is designed by Lizzie Disney.

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denisebrain said...

Serious eye candy Justine! I was most surprised by the coat with huge pockets and the extra-extra-long tie. Those are an inspiration!