Monday, April 14, 2008

Vintage Indie Dreams of Spring Swap

I am definitely late on posting about my glorious Vintage Indie's I Dream of Spring swap goodies! I live in an apartment building with the smallest mailboxes ever so I decided to have the items shipped to my parents house and I got around to a visit just before I left on vacation so finally here I am posting about the fab bunch of vintage stuff from Melissa. You can see her blog post on the stuff we swapped!

You can also check out the other swapped goodies at the Vintage Indie I Dream of Spring Flickr group page.

First off, it was packaged so beautifully that I was in love from the beginning! I really admire the way she put everything together, it was such a delight to open. She has inspired me to take my own packaging presentations to the next level. I'm almost ashamed at how simply I sent off my Dream of Spring swap items to her!

Some of the wonderful goodies inside were:

* decorative daisy shelf paper
* vintage postcards and photographs
* her latest issue of her Erraticus Zine (beautiful!)
* and a lovely handmade collage hanging (already hanging right by my desk!)

This was my first online swap and well, now I'm hooked!

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